Aff. By: Prof. Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhayya) University, Prayagraj

Department of Commerce

The Department of Commerce of the Ram Sajivan Singh P.G College is an independent department that has been setup separately from other departments. The entire infrastructure of the department has been done by keeping in mind the majority of students who wish to pursue a career in commerce. Being established alongside the college itself, the Department of Commerce is a jewel to the crown that comes directly under the control of the Vice Chancellor. With good leadership, profound teaching, academic programs and even opportunities, the department takes pride in itself in playing a major role in promoting commerce and management education in the state. The main aim of the Department Of Commerce is to offer superior quality and affordable education and to build graduates and postgraduates who can come out with high knowledge, skills and leadership qualities. Currently, the department offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in commerce, but apart from it, students can also learn about accountancy, business administration, finance, banking, business economics, human resource management, marketing management, retail management, entrepreneurship etc. All these things that are taught to the students within their bachelor's and master's degree programs help them to have a competitive edge by gaining a wide range of knowledge, skills and attributes. In this way, the Department of Commerce intends to enlighten the students to be in the right endeavor by developing distinct competencies and professionalism that can lead to a successful career. The major focus of the department is always to impart quality learning through classroom teaching and practical learning through real-world analysis. We aim to turn our students into leaders who can handle an enterprise, and we believe that these leaders can contribute to making their organizations better.

Academic Programmes

The department offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programs for students who are willing to develop a strong career in the stream of commerce. The best thing about the department is that the teachers have been using creative and innovative methods to make the teaching process interesting and much more effective.

Bachelor's Degree

The Bachelor's degree is a three-year undergraduate program in commerce. This is one of the most demanded academic degrees, which specifically prepares a student for business and marketing jobs. The degree is designed to develop a basic understanding of the subjects of commerce. In this course, students will gain knowledge about different topics of business management, business administration and finance knowledge which is then applied to real business. All the concepts and theoretical frameworks are taught to the students so that they can be able to face the local and global challenges in their profession. In the academic program, students will develop the necessary skills by applying the concepts and techniques of commerce as a subject. This will help them to integrate knowledge and enhance their skills and develop the right attitude toward market requirements. A student who completes this course can either choose to work as a professional in a lot of jobs or can also pursue a master's degree or any other higher degree program.

Master's Degree

The master's degree is a two-year postgraduate program where a student upgrades his knowledge about commerce, business management, administration, accounts, and finance and has a brief understanding of local and global business development. The master's degree is an advanced course focusing on the national and international market, economics, finance, statistics, banking and global management studies. In this course, the students will develop a global, responsible and adaptable mindset, the required skills and experience to succeed in their future and develop as a professional in the sector. Students will receive industry exposure as this course offers a lot of specializations within the curriculum, which not only teaches theory but also practices practical understanding with industry visits, real-time application of concepts and implementation of their theories in the market.


A lot of facilities are provided to the students who join the Department of Commerce. Starting from seminar halls, Google classroom enables e-learning in a number of classes, and practical demonstrations are available for the students. Apart from all the facilities provided for the students, the best thing is that the department has some beta faculty members in the form of lecturers, professors and even staff members that help them build a dream career.