Aff. By: Prof. Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhayya) University, Prayagraj

Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology came into existence with the inception of the Ram Sajivan Singh P.G College. It operates under the faculty of science, but like all other facilities of science, this department also functions as an independent department. All the academic programmes, curriculum, events and related decisions are taken by the department itself and not by the faculty of science overall. Since its establishment, it has been the foremost center for learning various aspects of animal science. Life science is a subject that offers a brief knowledge about the understanding of animals, organisms and the biotic and abiotic factors related to these things. In the department of zoology, students will learn about the animal kingdom, the structure of the biotic world and the physiological and anatomical aspects of the living organisms of the animal kingdom. The study of zoology will enable the students to strengthen their knowledge of the subject and understand its scope for employment opportunities. The Department of Zoology provides a good environment for learning and training programs. Along with advancing the students with the knowledge, the department also aims to train the students with modern technologies of science and equipment. It is always the aim of the department to achieve excellence in higher education, innovation and research in the field of Zoology. The department always stays connected with the changing needs of society. State-of-the-art infrastructure and various other facilities have been set up to keep the department updated and separated from other departments in the college. All these things provide a conducive environment for the students and even the faculty members to produce globally competent professionals.

Academic Programmes

The Department of Zoology currently offers courses for bachelor's and master's degrees in zoology. The courses include the topics of microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, genetics and many other topics as well. The academic programmes have been designed in a way so as to help the students gain knowledge and develop skills for data observation and analysis. The academic programmes are designed by keeping in mind the changing trends and challenges in imparting zoological education. If you have the zeal to explore the subject of zoology, then these academic programmes are the best that you should choose.

Bachelor's Degree

The bachelor's degree in zoology is a three-year undergraduate program that entails basic and advanced study in the subject. It studies the form, functions, behavior, biological principles, and physiological and anatomical aspects of organisms. Students will get a brief knowledge of the focus topics and practical experience through various experiments. This degree will provide the students with an interactive framework of animal biology. Students learn about the behavior, development, distribution and evolution of the animal kingdom. A student who completes this Bachelor's degree will be able to pursue a higher career in Zoology or work as a professional in this field.

Master's Degree

A master's degree in zoology is an advanced postgraduate degree that a student can pursue after the completion of graduation. This degree is a good choice for all those candidates who seek to understand the health and function of all types of animals. The master's degree course is designed in a way such that the curriculum is accepted throughout the nation. This degree includes a wide range of topics related to the study of animals, and students who pursue it, also get a lot of opportunities in the job market of zoologists. In this degree, you'll learn about the personal and professional skills that you can utilize for the welfare of the animals as well as society. After completing this course, a student can work in the zoological sector or any research-based program. Earning a master's degree, you'll get a lot of earning opportunities and will have a competitive advantage over other students. In India, if you have a career in zoology, you'll easily get a job in the government sector.


To maintain the standard of teaching in the department, the college has set up a lot of facilities that can be utilized by the students, the professors and the lecturers as well. The department has a lot of facilities, including a seminar hall, smart classroom, auditorium, B.Sc and M.Sc laboratories, instrument laboratory and even an animal house. The department also conducts various different events and field visits for a better understanding of the topics.