Aff. By: Prof. Rajendra Singh (Rajju Bhayya) University, Prayagraj

Department of Physics

Department of Physics Welcome to the Department of Physics of Ram Sajivan Singh P.G. College. We take pride in ourselves in imparting quality education for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. We play a leading role in physics both locally and nationally and use our expertise to contribute to society by delivering brilliant students. We offer the best education, faculty, and facilities to raise facets of new generation, enthusiastic physicists. We work with the best facilities in the country and develop the most advanced experimental techniques and theoretical methods to learn about the physical nature at every scale. The Ram Sajivan Singh P.G. College, located in Jyantipur, Kaushambi, has been providing students with quality education in physics. With over 5 years of experience, the department of physics is known for its phenomenal performers in developing the career of our students. The sole aim of our department is to help our students to achieve their dream careers. Therefore, the curriculum that we offer in the department of physics is similar to the national curriculum offered throughout the country.

Academic Programmes

Our department mainly focuses on graduate and postgraduate programmes. Here we've mentioned the programmes in detail.

Bachelor's Degree

Firstly, we thank you for showing your interest in physics. Here we have provided information regarding the course structure, admission, and program requirements. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and strive to offer them high-quality education, a sense of community and inclusiveness where the students can achieve their full potential. Graduate study in the department of Physics of Ram Sajivan Singh P.G. College particularly focuses on basic as well as research physics topics. We give special emphasis to theoretical and experimental studies related to physical nature. Our graduate program helps the students to prepare for scientific research or research combined with teaching. Students in our graduate program are expected to get an extension experience with modern research methods and topics. They will have a deep knowledge of contemporary physics and will gain the basic ability to perform as independent researchers.

Master's Degree

The Post Graduate Programme students in the Ram Sajivan Singh P.G. College experience all the benefits as that of a major Indian university. The postgraduate courses are taught with additional scope to develop a higher level of knowledge and expertise in the subject. Our postgraduate course is open to all graduates who have physics as an honor or major subject. We offer you this postgraduate programme that is designed in a highly flexible manner for those students for those willing to pursue a career as a professional scientist. Suppose you are eager to be a part of this groundbreaking science stream, then perhaps a postgraduate course from our institution is the path for you. After completion of this course, you will not only you'll get an opportunity in physics but also in Electronics, Communication, Laser Science, Astrophysics, Quantum Research etc., and many more fields.


The first and foremost factor that draws students to join the department of physics is only due to the quality of professors and lecturers at the institution. Imparting education and knowledge are the core aim of our faculties. Highly qualified and experienced professors and associate lectures passed out from reputed institutions throughout the country will help you to enhance your knowledge and create your dream career. It is not just the faculty members here to serve you, but the staff members as well. Our experienced staff members, who deeply understand working functions and methods to operate and conduct the experiments, will always guide you in the practical class.